Professional Integration Tilda and Bitrix24

Transfer of orders with goods and integration of web forms. Warehouse accounting support. Integration of LEADs and Deals. Transfer of UTM tags and Google Client ID.

Tilda 🧡 Bitrix24

Integration of Bitrix24 and Tilda orders with goods Tilda - the leading website and online store builder now has full synchronization with Bitrix24 CRM! Now you can easily and quickly link your site or store with CRM, while choosing the field mapping between the fields of the Tilda order form and the fields in the Bitrix24 CRM card. Integration of the module takes no more than 10 minutes and is carried out without the help of a programmer.
The main advantage of the module is the correct transfer of product positions when buying a LEAD or Deal card. Setting up the "matching" of goods in Bitrkis24 will ensure the correct operation of the Warehouse accounting module.

Fields integration

Integration creates a Lead or Deal. The module configures the correspondence of fields on the Site and CRM. There is no limit on the number of leads and fields!

Fields integration

UTM tags and analytics

The module on the site remembers and transmits detailed user analytics: UTM tags, visited pages, client identifiers (Google, Facebook, Yandex), referral domain, client IP address. The plugin fully works with end-to-end analytics!

UTM tags and analytics

Order with product

You can transfer goods to a Deal or LEAD. There is a product search option to link the product on the Site and in CRM (required for inventory control).

Order with product

Queue of responsible

Configure who will receive applications and in what order. A new appeal from a familiar client will go to the manager who previously worked with the client (optional, if the manager is not fired).

Queue of responsible

Phone auto-formatting

For accurate customer identification, phones must be stored in a single format. Select one or several countries and in what format the number should be given. The module supports ALL countries. Each phone number is cleared of letters and special characters.

Phone auto-formatting

And much more…

Search for Contacts and Companies, control of repeated leads, notifications to the responsible, replacement of the price and name of goods from the Bitrix24 catalog, installation, consultations and support.

It is possible to customize the plugin for client requests.

30 days free trial period

Test first, then buy. Each of our modules has a free trial period of 30 days. During testing, you will receive full technical support.

The module is available in Bitrix24.Market Plus subscription (Russian portals only).

🔥 You can buy Bitrix24.Market Plus from your integrator or from us.

Instructions for installing and activating a trial.

Free 30 days
$12 month
$120 year


Details about payment methods. Have questions - contact us.

  • Private cloud or on-Premise
  • Custom Development
  • Premium Support
  • No limits
  • Product Training
  • Maximum performance


Thanks to a single open API, the programmer can customize the integration for any task. SDK (feature set) speeds up your work several times!


// Put this on every page, if need catch UTM
\Flamix\Bitrix24\Trace::init('Your page title');

//When sent form
try {
} catch (\Exception $e) {

Ready modules for CMS

For popular CMS, we have developed modules that can be installed in a few clicks and placed in the official marketplaces.
Enter the data in the fields and the integration will work!

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Version history

Current stable version — [,

The app works in the cloud and updates automatically.

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To write to support (add a ticket), you must:

  • Go to the portal
  • Enter your mail and password. If you have not registered before, you need register. If, when you try to register, the system says that the user is found, you must reset the password;
  • After successful authorization, click on the "Support" menu item, then the "Add" button;
  • Describe the error in detail, attach screenshots and click the "Submit" button.

The ticket has been successfully created!
It is recommended not to close the tab until the problem is resolved since emails with replies sometimes end up in spam!

  • Go to the module page and find the "Install" block;
  • In the field next to the "Install" button, enter your Bitrix24 portal domain and click the "Install" button;
  • Accept all agreements and click "Install";
  • Click the button "Start Your Free Trial" (1), or paste your license key (2), if you have one;
  • If you have activated the trial, be sure to enter your valid email, this is where we will send the license key (check the spam if you did not receive it).
  • Open the application in the Bitrix24 portal, go to the "License" page (1) and select the desired subscription period (2).
  • Go to the license verification page - (1) and enter your license key (2), click the "Check" button (3). If the license key is correct, you will see the "Prolong" button at the bottom (4).

A 20-25% discount is given to anyone who purchases a yearly subscription. You can find the discount amount on the "License" page of the application.

Special prices if we become your Bitrix24 partner. In addition to the special price, and free setup, we can make basic settings for you, and advise on any issues related to the operation of Bitrix24 or the development and optimization of your business's Business Processes. The only thing you require is to buy Bitrix24 through us (the same price, additional benefits from the Bitrix24 gold partner). Write to us if you are interested in this offer.

Note! If you already have an integrator, we can’t become your integrator again even if you want to change it.

When something goes wrong or you need to send logs to support, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the app and scroll to the bottom;
  • Click on the "Log" link.

log_1.png Here you can see all the information that we log. If you are a technical person, you can check the logs and find the problem.

In addition, we sometimes request a link to the log. To generate it, you simply press the "Generate link" button. Copy and send this link to us. The link is valid for 2 days.


Have you extended your license, but the term has not changed? The license key is cached upon purchase and is only reset upon automatic renewal. If for some reason it did not last, try to throw off the license cache in billing(Licenses are displayed on the Services -> Licenses page) and update the "License" page in the module.


If that doesn't work, please write to support.

An Enterprise license is required in the following cases:

  • You regularly more than 500 hits to the plugin per day;
  • We need a modification of the Bitrix24 plugin for you;
  • You want the program to work on your servers.


  • We sign NDA and service contracts;
  • We allocate a separate VPS for you;
  • Setting up environments, deploying a repository with a plugin (if you need support and updates);
  • We send separate assemblies of plugins for CMS or set up the integration ourselves;
  • We organize monitoring and support 24/7.

For purchasing write in any convenient way.

Important! We do not share the code with the customer.

To understand the usefulness of this option, it is necessary to consider a small example. Let's imagine that you have a Contact who left a message in a simple form, where put only his first name, phone number, and comment. In Bitrix24, a Contact will only have a phone number and a first name. After some time, this Contact will make an order in-store and send ALL Contact info. In this case, we may lose some of the data, because the plugin will find a previously created Contact (which does not contain a phone number and last name) and link it to a Deal or a LEAD.

You must enable the "Enrichment contact" option to prevent this from happening. Go to settings, and turn it on. If this Contact is found, the plugin will add all the standard fields if they are not previously filled. For example, if you filled Contact name, then it will not change.enrich_1.png

The functionality works with the following fields:

  • First name;
  • Middle name;
  • Last name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email.

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