Google Drive and Bitrix24 integration

Use Google Drive conveniently and safely. Easy integration with Bitrix24

Google Drive 🧡 Bitrix24

Google Drive and Bitrix24 integration Have you been working with Google Docs or Google Drive for a long time and it suits you perfectly? Integrate it with Bitrix24! Configure access once and always use it conveniently! This is safe, since access checking occurs not only in our application, but also on the Google Drive itself.
The application displays a list of documents in a folder in a convenient form (as a list or as files). You can open any files - documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, etc. For convenience, you can embed folders directly into the CRM card or other places (6 embedding places are available).

The module can be used as part of a Bitrix24 subscription (Russia, Ukraine). Subscription allows you to install any of our modules and many third-party modules.

Questions about buying a subscription write to us or your Bitrix24 integrators.

During the registration of the demo period, you will receive a license key for the module. Then, in the billing panel, you can change the payment period. Payment is made in the application on the "License" tab or in the billing.

Free 30 days
$5 / month
$60 / year

  • PayPal
  • Interkassa

Any actions with payment are carried out in billing system.

  • Private cloud or on-Premise
  • Custom Development
  • Premium Support
  • No limits
  • Product Training
  • Maximum performance
30 days free trial period

Test first, then buy. Each of our modules has a free trial period of 30 days. During testing, you will receive full technical support.

Version history

Current stable version — v1.2.0, 25.09.2021

The app works in the cloud and updates automatically.

v1.2.0, from 25.09.2021 Show
10 0 1 102
  • Lead and Site sync
  • Lead and Site sync
  • Add lead CRM sync
  • Add lead CRM sync
  • auto setting
  • Fix bugs with auto duplicate options
  • Setting bugs in WP fixed
  • Change days word
  • Add English to Default Language
  • Fix HTTP_HOST in app.php
  • Move get ORDER_ID to StatusController
  • Fix bug with order ID
  • Update UI
  • Update UI
  • Add new error controle
  • Improve Status Validations
  • Oprimize Add Lead
  • Add URL to Fields
  • secure:Lead sync error
  • Add Lang to Public API
  • Add public API
  • GDrive pay Bill ID
  • Update GDrive Pay Version
  • Modify .env ALL
  • Change LOG
  • Add top menu
  • Delete menu
  • Fix Google Drive error
  • Add GDrive public
  • Add Google Drive Base
  • featire:Add WP&WooCommerce payed version
  • Small changes
  • Add danger fields msg
  • secure: Update status event provider
  • Add instructions and translate
  • Bind page
  • Almost finish status
  • Status fix
  • Compleate Status p3
  • Add status view
  • Status p2
  • Status dev version
  • fix
  • Smart Apps Cheking
  • Add OpenCart module
  • Light Dublicate Controlle
  • Add Product finder
  • Add Double
  • Add Integer and Date
  • Fix default Route to WooCommerce
  • Update main server
  • Change env scope
  • Fix Bug with phone number
  • Add Currency
  • Add URL and some translate
  • Update ENV, Make all app Free, Add WooCommerce
  • Add bad browser msg
  • Fix bug with email
  • Lead: Support File Upload
  • Fix bugs with setting
  • Fix user msg bug
  • Update UI
  • Change email filter
  • Change login
  • Add menu and some insert fix
  • Ad if to placement
  • Add norm user blade
  • hide menu and update UI Css
  • add gitignore to upload
  • Fix dropzone
  • Update UI
  • Back up restore
  • Update UI
  • Fix dropzone and add new Bitrix product
  • Update UI and add new support plane
  • Update UI
  • Add CRM plan to env
  • Change prefix ECP
  • Change Menu
  • Change Menu
  • Change Menu
  • Change ECP default route
  • Change Access settings
  • Pre deploy
  • Finish finance auth
  • secure: Fix bug with access
  • Add Bitrix and Frameworks
  • Start ECP programming
  • Secure: Change app start setting and Header Menu
  • Delete UI Lang file
  • Fix bugs when have only PRODUCT_ID
  • Bug with product finder
  • Add url to deal and order
  • Add Product Finder
  • Report ro telegram
  • Small changes
  • Fix Lead Bugs, add WP and add Deal
  • hide QUQUE
  • Translate menu
  • Lang and some settings
  • separated some functions
  • Add separeted Custom fields
  • Change multilang and Envoy
  • Add multy domain
  • Add Eng and UA translate
  • Add translate
  • Add Russian translate
  • Update UI
  • Change some UI
  • Update UI
  • Update UI
  • Too many changes
  • Add email validation
  • Change DOMAIN select algorythm
v0.1, from 16.12.2020 Show
0 0 0 1
  • Init

Module activation by subscription is available only for Russia and Ukraine.

  • Make sure you don't have the paid version of the plugin installed. If the paid version of the plugin is installed, it must be uninstalled;
  • Make sure you have an activated Market + subscription. If not activated, turn on demo mode or buy a subscription;
  • On the application page (in Bitrix24.Market or on the website), click the corresponding button (* - RF, * - Ukraine);
  • On the Bitrix24.Market application page, click the "Install".

An Enterprise license is required in the following cases:

  • You regularly more than 500 hits to the plugin per day;
  • We need a modification of the Bitrix24 plugin for you;
  • You just want everything to flow through you.


  • We sign NDA and service contracts;
  • We allocate a separate VPS for you;
  • Setting up environments, deploying a repository with a plugin (if you need support and updates);
  • We send separate assemblies of plugins for CMS or set up the integration ourselves;
  • We organize monitoring and support 24/7.

For purchasing write in any convenient way.

Important! We do not share the code with the customer.

Have you extended your license, but the term has not changed? The license key is cached upon purchase and is only reset upon automatic renewal. If for some reason it did not last, try to throw off the license cache in billing(Licenses are displayed on the Services -> Licenses page) and update the "License" page in the module.


If that doesn't work, please write to support.

To write to support (add a ticket), you must:

  • Go to the portal
  • Enter your mail and password. If you have not registered before, you need register. If, when you try to register, the system says that the user is found, you must reset the password;
  • After successful authorization, click on the "Support" menu item, then the "Add" button;
  • Describe the error in detail, attach screenshots and click the "Submit" button.
The ticket has been successfully created!
It is recommended not to close the tab until the problem is resolved, since emails with replies sometimes end up in spam!

Each module has a free trial period, which can be activated when installing the application or in the billing office.

Installation activation

  • When installing the module, on the page for entering the license key for the module, click the "Activate demo period";
  • In the pop-up window, enter your mail, which will receive the key. If you activate for the first time, you do not need to enter a password, the system will automatically register you and send a password to your mail. If you are our client or have previously activated the module to your mail, the system will ask you to enter an additional password. If you don't have a password, restore it -
  • The activation process is complete!

Note! You can activate the demo period for one application only 3 times. For the 4th time, the system will completely block the module linked to the portal.

Activation in the billing cabinet

  • Go to the billing office and login to your account or create a new one;
  • Go to Services, Licenses and click "Buy";
  • Select the required module and check out the demo period. Please note that you cannot buy a module without a demo period;
  • When installing a module, in the module license key request field, enter the key that you received in the previous step.

Note! Before installing the paid version of the module, you must uninstall the subscription version of the module (if it was previously installed).

  • Find the required module on the website, go to the "Purchase Options" block;
  • Enter the Bitrix24 portal domain in the "Purchase" block;
  • Press the "Install" button in the portal, agree with all the conditions;
  • Activate the demo period or enter the license key.

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