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Check and renew license

Service for checking and renewing license keys for FLAMIX software (modules)
Youtube: How to install a module and activate free 30-day trial?
  • Go to the module page and find the "Install" block;
  • In the field next to the "Install" button, enter your Bitrix24 portal domain and click the "Install" button;
  • Accept all agreements and click "Install";
  • Click the button "Start Your Free Trial" (1), or paste your license key (2), if you have one;
  • If you have activated the trial, be sure to enter your valid email, this is where we will send the license key (check the spam if you did not receive it).
  • Open the application in the Bitrix24 portal, go to the "License" page (1) and select the desired subscription period (2).
  • Go to the license verification page - https://flamix.solutions/license/ (1) and enter your license key (2), click the "Check" button (3). If the license key is correct, you will see the "Prolong" button at the bottom (4).

Payment methods vary by region. The following payment methods are available:

Worldwide. Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX are powered by Stripe.

UA. Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX are powered by LiqPay or Stripe. Payment by invoice is available. (Minimum amount $150).

RU. Powered by YooMoney. Payment by invoice is available. (Minimum amount $150).

If in the application you see a currency and a payment provider other than stated, you need to change the region.

A 20-25% discount is given to anyone who purchases a yearly subscription. You can find the discount amount on the "License" page of the application.

Special prices if we become your Bitrix24 partner. In addition to the special price, and free setup, we can make basic settings for you, and advise on any issues related to the operation of Bitrix24 or the development and optimization of your business's Business Processes. The only thing you require is to buy Bitrix24 through us (the same price, additional benefits from the Bitrix24 gold partner). Write to us if you are interested in this offer.

Note! If you already have an integrator, we can’t become your integrator again even if you want to change it.

The license key is required to activate the application, for example, when reinstalling it. A license key is issued when you take a trial period and links to email, portal domain, and application.

You can check the license key here - https://flamix.solutions/license/

  • Check it in your email, search by "@flame.email".
  • Go to the billing panel, find the app and copy the license key.
  • Try to take a new test period. Please note that you can take up to 3 license keys per application.
  • Write to us and send your Bitrix24 portal and email.

The app region affects the currency and payment methods. If you want to change your region, write to us specifying the desired region, license key, and the reason for changing the region.

An Enterprise license is required in the following cases:

  • You regularly more than 500 hits to the plugin per day;
  • We need a modification of the Bitrix24 plugin for you;
  • You want the program to work on your servers.


  • We sign NDA and service contracts;
  • We allocate a separate VPS for you;
  • Setting up environments, deploying a repository with a plugin (if you need support and updates);
  • We send separate assemblies of plugins for CMS or set up the integration ourselves;
  • We organize monitoring and support 24/7.

For purchasing write in any convenient way.

Important! We do not share the code with the customer.