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Two Tier Referral Program

Invite customers and get up to 40% of each payment. If your client or friend attracts the client, then he will receive 40%, and you are 10%.

40 % from all customer payments

Invite clients using your referral link and get 40% of each payment during the entire period of using the product.

To withdraw a reward, go to your personal account and create a task in which you specify where and how much you need to withdraw.

Available following payment methods:

  • Transfer to the user's (client's) internal account to pay for our licenses;
  • Payment by invoice (Ukraine only);
  • Payment by credit card (if you have a Stripe, etc.)
  • USDT transfer.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

Go to your personal account, and go to the "Status" section (1). Copy the referral link and ask the client to register using it (2). referall_attach_before.png

If the client has already registered or it is not possible to send a referral link, you can add a referral manually.

Youtube: How to attach a referral if he has already registered

Sometimes it happens that you have activated a demo period for a client but forgot to attach the client to your account first. For this, we have developed a mechanism for manually attaching a referral.

  • Open the Partnership section (1) and go to the Referrals page (2), click the "Add Referral" button (3);referral_manually_1.png
  • Enter the email by which the referral was registered and the reason for manually adding (1), click the "Add referral" button (2). Adding a referral occurs according to the rules (3). referral_manually_2.png