Nova Poshta and Bitrix24

Integrate Bitrix24 with Nova Poshta for fast creation of waybills (TTN), automation of processes, and improved control over shipments.

πŸš› Nova Poshta and Bitrix24

Nova Poshta and Bitrix24 Integrating Nova Poshta delivery with Bitrix24 is a key solution for improving logistics operations. Nova Poshta, a leader in postal logistics in Ukraine, now allows Bitrix24 users to efficiently manage shipments. This integration is particularly important for businesses involved in international and domestic shipments, providing improved control and management of logistics processes at all stages of delivery.

The process of creating waybills (TTN) in Bitrix24, thanks to integration with Nova Poshta, has become significantly simpler and faster. Users can quickly generate TTNs using CRM data, for instant access to ready-made PDF documents. This saves time and improves data accuracy in waybills, eliminating errors in manual data entry.

Synchronization of shipment statuses with CRM ensures the timeliness of information about the status of parcels, automating the process of managing shipments. This makes it more efficient and transparent for both businesses and customers. The one-click creation of express waybills significantly simplifies the process of preparing documentation, reducing the time spent on it.

Management of senders within the integration becomes more flexible and controlled. Users can efficiently work with multiple senders (individuals, companies, individual entrepreneurs), controlling limits and automatically tracking expenses. The ability to choose convenient methods of receiving money for cash-on-delivery and determining delivery branches using a map and auto-search is a unique solution that sets our application apart from competitors.

The module is available as part of the subscription Flamix.Bundle.

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